A fun collection of current and past projects, both on the job and in my freetime

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Qtstickercam - Mar 24, 2020
My son got a webcam for his PC, and wanted to do stickers on pictures, similar to those on Android and IPhone mobile apps.
Cosmo's Star - Sep 27, 2019
Qt-based game for Android/Web/Linux written as part of the itch.
Updating Projects - Aug 22, 2019
Many of the sections in the section header are incomplete, I am still catching up on finding pictures and links to old games and projects.
First Post - Aug 22, 2019
Created this site to archive past games I have written or ported, as well as interesting applications or projects I have worked on.
Unicorn Paint - Mar 16, 2019
For my daughters upcoming birthday I wrote a fun little finger-painting game.